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How the 49ers Helped Push Develop Its Daily Assessment Tool, Push Vital

By Sports Technology Wire on July 11, 2018

As the 49ers were making a strategic investment in strength training wearable company Push in early 2016, the franchise hired Chip Kelly as head coach. Kelly wanted an athlete readiness and wellness assessment to prepare the team for the upcoming season. He wasn’t satisfied with any of the options on the market. He wanted something that wasn’t intrusive and took no more than five minutes per athlete per day. So Kelly, and the 49ers, turned to Push.

Eight weeks before training camp, Push’s CEO and founder, Rami Alhamad, and a few members of his Toronto-based development team relocated to Santa Clara. In collaboration with the 49ers’ strength and conditioning staff, they worked to create a new tool from scratch. Staff at the local Marriott wondered if Alhamad had moved in for good. “You’re still here?” they asked him.

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