Colts and Vikings Joining a Coaching Movement That Will Change the NFL

By Sports Wire on February 13, 2018

If you are frustrated with the NFL's coaching status quo, you're going to love the expansion of Eagles Incorporated. 

The Indianapolis Colts just named former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich as their new head coach, albeit after top choice Josh McDaniels was recalled to the Patriots mothership and left Philadelphia at the altar.

Last week, the Minnesota Vikings gobbled up former Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, who helped develop Carson Wentz into an MVP candidate and rebuilt Nick Foles into the hottest thing since Jimmy Garoppolo, to be their new offensive coordinator.

On the surface, the hiring of Eagles assistants is just business-as-usual NFL copycatting and old-boy networking. You can almost hear Jim Irsay growling typical owner logic into his phone: Phooey with Josh McBelichick. Get me the other guy—the one who goes for all the fourth downs and runs that hot new play, the BTO or whatever.

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