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AEXOS HALO Compression Shirt Aims to Prevent Whiplash, Concussions

By Sports Technology Wire on August 8, 2018

A new compression shirt developed by AEXOS (Advanced Exoskeletal Systems) is aiming to prevent concussions in contact sports by reducing whiplash during a hit. The HALO shirt provides postural and spinal support in the neck area and stiffens when a player receives a high-speed impact.

We’ve spent the last three years developing HALO to create lightweight, high-performance protection for athletes that is unlike anything else available today,” said AEXOS CEO Charles Corrigan in a statement. “The result is a whole new approach to protecting athletes in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago.”

Materials in the shirt’s collar stiffen during sharp head movements, thus improving neck stability and reducing whiplash. During slower movements, the collar remains flexible, allowing athletes to scan the field or ice normally.

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